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My Firm Handles all Felony and Misdemeanor Cases and Specializes in Domestic Violence and Sex Crimes

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IMG_2757Facing criminal charges in Colorado for the very first time, especially DUI or Domestic Violence, Is a daunting experience, especially if it is your first arrest. Everything from your job, professional licenses, family, health and reputation are in a state of uncertainty as you try to educate yourself and navigate how best to defend yourself and restore your freedom. It is at this very moment that it becomes critical to consult an experienced, empathetic criminal defense lawyer who can guide you through the process and do everything possible to obtain an dismissal. Elaine Lukic has nearly 20 years of experience in defending domestic violence and sex assault cases in Colorado and has invaluable knowledge specific to each jurisdiction. As a former prosecutor, Elaine Lukic is very familiar with the strategies used by police officers and district attorneys and will assist her clients in avoiding common but devastating errors when dealing with them. Elaine Lukic has one of the highest rates of acquittals/dismissals for domestic violence/sex assault cases in Colorado and is available 24/7 to discuss cases at no charge.

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